Copenhagen, 7 January 2019

“Safety is a critical issue for ports. By joining the Port-Safety team I see a unique opportunity to contribute to a company making a real and tangible difference. I look forward the journey ahead”, shares Ole Ingrisch.

Having led Port of Esbjerg to become one of the leading ports in Northern Europe, Ole will be an important addition to the Port-Safety team. Port-Safety’s product, LifeLadder®, has up until now been sold to more than a dozen countries, with installations across several continents.

Our current Chairman of the board, Søren Niebuhr from BOREAN Innovation, comments:

“As an investor, we are excited to bring on such an experienced executive from the industry. The company will thrive from the advisory of Ole, and we are confident Ole will make important contributions to Port-Safetys continued growth.”

The Port-Safety team is proud to be able to bring such a knowledgeable and accomplished executive onto their board.

Port-Safety – in the business of saving lives

Port-Safety has developed LifeLadder®, an innovative product that improves safety around wharfs and quay walls.

LifeLadder®’s signature bright yellow colour ensures visibility throughout the day, and the solar powered LightUnit illuminates the ladder and provides visibility during the night.

LifeLadder® has a significantly lower weight than the traditional alternative and is easy to handle and install. Our product is maintenance-free, and its UV-stable plastic modules will never corrode.