Copenhagen, December 21st 2018.

LifeLadder® was introduced to the market in 2018 and is already sold to more than a dozen countries. The integrated LightUnit is available in both a Solar and Grid Powered option.

To further expand the Port-Safety business we are thrilled to receive a follow-up investment from our investor Borean Innovation. We appreciate the confidence this reflects and are pleased that the results achieved can support these ambitions.

Port-Safety – in the business of saving lives
We have developed LifeLadder©, an innovative product that improves safety around wharfs and quay walls.

LifeLadder©’s signature bright yellow colour ensures visibility throughout the day, and the solar powered LightUnit illuminates the ladder and provides visibility during the night.

LifeLadder© has a significantly lower weight than the traditional alternative and is easy to handle and install. Our product is maintenance-free, and its UV-stable plastic modules will never corrode.