The reputable international maritime consultant and supplier’s representative, ECKS MARINE, based in Hamburg will be German marketing and sales agency for LifeLadder®, a new rescue ladder designed to increase safety in harbours.

Copenhagen and Hamburg, January 18th 2018

“The LifeLadder® fits 100% into our vision of making the world a better and safer place by bringing sustainable, cost- and risk-cutting solutions to the market. LifeLadder® is one of the most revolutionary ideas the marine and maritime industry has seen since many years,” says Torsten Ecks, Managing Director at ECKS MARINE in Hamburg, Germany, and continues:

“I am confident that in a few years’ time the LifeLadder will be the preferred choice in most German ports whenever a conventional ladder has to be replaced as well as for new projects”.

LifeLadder® – an innovative rescue ladder built in reinforced plastic – is invented and designed by the Danish company Port-Safety. Managing Director at Port-Safety, Kim U. Haaning, is thrilled to have signed an agency agreement with ECKS MARINE, as LifeLadder® now is heading for production and the market in Germany:
“We looked for an experienced partner with a solid network and a passion for safety, and we found what we were looking for in ECKS MARINE. We are very proud of our partnership with Torsten and his team,” says Kim U. Haaning.


On the future perspectives for LifeLadder in Germany, Torstens Ecks says: “LifeLadder® lifts up the safety standard of a port or terminal dramatically. Due to its bright yellow colour it can easily be seen by people in the water, and it has the option to be illuminated at night. In addition, the LifeLadder® requires zero maintenance, i.e. no de-rusting, no painting or welding. In fact, the advantages of LifeLadder® start even earlier, both in production and during transport LifeLadder® saves the environment due to its low carbon footprint. It is so light that you won’t need a crane or a multi-man crew to install it, yet it is very robust. Even if damaged, the modular design provides the advantage, that the damaged part can easily be replaced. Compared to conventional steel ladders – being galvanised or not – LifeLadder® even has a longer lifespan” says Torsten Ecks.


Mr. Torsten Ecks, Owner and Managing Director

M: +49 (0) 151-15142823 (direct)



A ladder saving lives…
LifeLadder® is a new and innovative maritime safety device. It is designed for industrial as well as urban quays, locks, waterways and marinas. Visibility both day and night delivers improved maritime safety. The choice of maintenance-free materials addresses issues of costs and time spent on upkeep.
Quite often, traditional rescue ladders mounted on piers, bridges and quays are hard to spot as they do not distinguish themselves from the dark surfaces in the harbour. Especially at night, they are difficult to see. Despite frequent maintenance, traditional ladders manufactured in steel are subject to accelerated corrosion.
Data collected in Denmark document that 25% of drowning accidents occur in harbours. The need to improve safety is increasing as more industrial harbours are urbanised.
LifeLadder® addresses the requirement for improved safety with a maintenance-free solution, which is visible both day and night. LifeLadder® is constructed in reinforced plastic, moulded in a bright yellow and UV-resistant colour. The modules are clamped together with a synthetic rope. A patent has been filed for this construction.