Copenhagen, Denmark, 14 August 2017

With solid competition from more than 200 companies, Port-Safety has come out on top, and secured funding for the unique LifeLadder® product, a non-corrosive and 24/7 visible safety ladder for ports and quay walls, a game changer for the safety ladder industry. The founders of Port-Safety are proud to be selected by The Market Development Fund and are very pleased about the confidence this reflects in the LifeLadder® solution, the value it can deliver for communities, and the business potential it represents. The funding is an important step towards improving safety and the chances of saving lives.



The aim for The Market Development Fund is to promote growth, employment, and export by supporting innovative new businesses getting faster to market. The funding will support the final testing of LifeLadder in user environments to confirm the robustness of the construction, the increased lifetime, and the improved visibility/safety.

The announcement of the selected companies was supported by encouraging comments from Denmark’s Minister of Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs Mr. Brian Mikkelsen and from the Chairman of The Market Development Fund Mr. Carsten With Thygesen (in Danish): Markedsmodningsfonden udmønter 27,5 mio. til 13 projekter

A ladder saving lives…
LifeLadder® is a new and innovative maritime safety device. It is designed for industrial as well as urban quays, locks, waterways and marinas. Visibility both day and night delivers improved maritime safety. The choice of maintenance-free materials addresses issues of costs and time spent on upkeep.
Quite often, traditional rescue ladders mounted on piers, bridges and quays are hard to spot as they do not distinguish themselves from the dark surfaces in the harbour. Especially at night, they are difficult to see. Despite frequent maintenance, traditional ladders manufactured in steel are subject to accelerated corrosion.
Data collected in Denmark document that 25% of drowning accidents occur in harbours. The need to improve safety is increasing as more industrial harbours are urbanised.
LifeLadder® addresses the requirement for improved safety with a maintenance-free solution, which is visible both day and night. LifeLadder® is constructed in reinforced plastic, moulded in a bright yellow and UV-resistant colour. The modules are clamped together with a synthetic rope. A patent has been filed for this construction.