The experienced international consultants and market access specialists, Alan Ellinson and Peter Lindsay, based in Liverpool and London, have been appointed as Port-Safety’s UK marketing and sales agency promoting LifeLadder®, a new rescue ladder designed to increase safety in harbours.

Copenhagen, June 21st 2018

Peter Lindsay and Alan Ellinson appointed as Port-Safety’s UK marketing and sales agency. Photo: Port-Safety.

“With our vast international experience over many years in business development, growth initiatives and distributor management we are thrilled to lead the UK market entry for a safety product such as LifeLadder®,” say Alan Ellinson and Peter Lindsay.

“We are confident that the introduction of LifeLadder® to the UK market will prove successful in reducing the number of lives lost around UK’s coastal and inland waterways”.

LifeLadder® – an innovative rescue ladder manufactured in reinforced injection moulded polymer – was invented and designed by the Danish company Port-Safety.

Managing Director at Port-Safety in Copenhagen, Kim U. Haaning, is excited to have signed an agency agreement with Alan and Peter, now that the rescue ladder is in production and ready for the UK market.



“We searched the UK for an agency with solid international experience, a proven record and a passion for safety. We have achieved that and are very excited about our partnership with Peter Lindsay, Alan Ellinson and their team,” says Kim U. Haaning.

On the future prospects for LifeLadder® in the UK, Peter Lindsay says:

“LifeLadder® has the potential to significantly improve safety of coastal and inland waterways where the well-being of the public is of utmost importance. The LifeLadder is highly visible in emergency situations. Many clients are also attracted to LifeLadder®, as a rugged and robust access solution for permanent or temporary use. In addition, its modular and lightweight construction makes it easy to transport and position on waterside walls. Finally, LifeLadder® has significant cost reducing advantages considering its minimum maintenance budget and product lifespan”.

“Whilst highly effective, because it is new to the market, we understand that it may take time to replace traditional ladders. We will identify and address major sector influencers and decision makers, sharing with them the compelling story of LifeLadder®,” says Alan Ellinson.

The Port-Safety team is delighted to announce that Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd and The Bristol Port Company have placed the first orders in the UK and will be receiving their orders at the end of the month. Further orders are expected within the coming weeks from other UK ports.

UK Operations Contact:

Alan Ellinson

M: +44 (0)7718 128505


Peter Lindsay

M: +44 (0)7740 639922



A ladder saving lives…
LifeLadder® is a new and innovative maritime safety device. It is designed for industrial as well as urban quays, locks, waterways and marinas. Visibility both day and night delivers improved maritime safety. The choice of maintenance-free materials addresses issues of costs and time spent on upkeep.
Quite often, traditional rescue ladders mounted on piers, bridges and quays are hard to spot as they do not distinguish themselves from the dark surfaces in the harbour. Especially at night, they are difficult to see. Despite frequent maintenance, traditional ladders manufactured in steel are subject to accelerated corrosion.
Data collected in Denmark document that 25% of drowning accidents occur in harbours. The need to improve safety is increasing as more industrial harbours are urbanised.
LifeLadder® addresses the requirement for improved safety with a maintenance-free solution, which is visible both day and night. LifeLadder® is constructed in reinforced plastic, moulded in a bright yellow and UV-resistant colour. The modules are clamped together with a synthetic rope. A patent has been filed for this construction.