See how LifeLadder® ensures safety in ports.

Modular Construction

marine ladder

The LifeLadder® is constructed of reinforced plastic modules in a UV-resistant bright yellow colour.

The construction combines the flexibility of a rope ladder with the rigidity of an ordinary marine ladder; modules are tied together by synthetic ropes yet held apart by compressible rubber spacers.

The modular concept contributes to improvements in sustainability, as damages only involves replacing broken modules rather than replacing an entire ladder.

The invention behind LifeLadder® is covered by Pending Patent Application no. EP17166906.2

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Visibility at Night

The LightUnit illuminates the LifeLadder® at night.

Our solar-powered LightUnit is optimized for full year performance up to 60°N. Our grid powered LightUnit is recommended for locations further north.

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marine ladder
marine ladder

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marine ladder

The LifeLadder® ships on pallets, threaded and folded. Each ladder is packed individually for efficient unloading at installation site.


marine ladder

The length of a LifeLadder® is easily customized to fit each place and client.

Fold-out, put together, tighten up.

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marine ladder

The low weight of a LifeLadder® makes it easy to handle and install, and reduces the needs of a crane.

A 3,6 m LifeLadder® weighs only 19,5 kg.

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