We are in the business of saving lives.

Our innovative product, LifeLadder®, improves safety around wharves and quay walls, globally. 

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What We Do

LifeLadder® ensures safety in a variety of ports, cities, and marinas worldwide.
Our marine safety ladder is visible, durable, versatile, sustainable, and economic.

About LifeLadder

LifeLadder®’s signature bright yellow colour ensures visibility throughout the day, and the solar powered LightUnit illuminates
the ladder and provides visibility during the night.

LifeLadder® has a significantly lower weight than the traditional alternative and is easy to handle and install. Our product is
maintenance-free, and its UV-stable plastic modules will never corrode.


LifeLadder®‘s vibrant yellow colour ensures visibility both day and night. Our integrated solar-powered lamp makes it visible at night, year-round.


LifeLadder® is maintenance-free. It is made of reinforced, UV-stable plastic modules that will never corrode. LifeLadder® offers a longer lifetime than traditional quay ladders and improved TCO.


The length of a LifeLadder® can be customized to fit any quayside. Also, its modular construction makes it possible to replace damaged parts.